iPod lovers are jaded with white gadgets and want Apple to introduce a range of colours as potential iPod nano buyers favour black over white models.

In a recent poll, Macworld Online asked: "iPod nano: black or white?"

The results confirm recent claims that consumers are voting with their pocket, snapping up black iPod nanos while white ones languish on store shelves.

A total of 1,363 readers chose to vote in the poll, with results showing 45 per cent, or 619 voters, favour black over white. A small but substantial group - 29 per cent or 398 voters - prefer the white iPod nano.

Colour me nano

But consumers clearly want more off-the-shelf personalization when they buy a music player, with 25 per cent of voters (346 people) asking Apple to offer its new iPod nano in a variety of colours. "More colours please!" they cried.

"Call me old fashioned but I really liked the way the original iMac beat up the beige competition with its funky colours. Those colours were great, Apple should bring 'em back on the iPod nano," one reader wrote.

Combining those preferring multi-coloured and all-black iPods, a strong 70 per cent of potential iPod buyers would like Apple to find alternatives to white.

Black's the colour for prints and smears

However, a reader now preferring white iPods told Macworld: "I initially preferred the black models, but had a play with them at the Birmingham Apple Store and opted for the white one in the end. The black models show the fingerprints up to a pretty extreme degree, which just didn't look as smart in my opinion."

Another reader has already bought a 4GB black iPod nano, and is thrilled with his new music playing digital gadget. "It is such a superb little thing. It is almost perfect," the reader wrote.

"On the one condition that it doesn't go tits-up within a year or two like most of the other iPods we have had in this house, this is possibly the most perfect product that Apple have ever made. Certainly in the iPod line," they added.

"I defy anyone who picks one up not to buy one or wish that they could buy one. They will sell millions of these," the reader concluded.

Apple's closed system

He also observed that as hard-drive iPods fail, people who have bought music through iTunes will "have" to buy a flash-based iPod "in order to maintain their investment in iTunes downloads. It's a brilliant business model. Completely closed, but completely cool products doing the closing."

Apple's slavish dedication to only shipping iPods with white mugger-attracting headphones has forced some shopper's hands when it comes to what iPods they choose.

One reader bought an iPod nano for his wife. He tells the story: "I asked her which one she wanted and she initally said black, until I pointed out that the headphones would still be white. She thought it would be better to have a white iPod with white headphones."