A quarter of Macworld readers have asked Santa for an iPod, with a further quarter hoping for a PowerBook, the latest Macworld Online poll shows.

The Power Mac G5 gets the vote of 23 per cent of the vote, with another 12 per cent hoping to rip-open an iBook on Christmas morn.

The iMac receives the vote of 4 per cent, but the eMac is on the wish list of just 1 per cent.

Software fares even worse, despite being much easier to get down the chimney. Panther gets just 5 per cent, and .Mac 1 per cent.

It seems Santa's elves are going to be wrapping plenty of 15-inch PowerBooks. For one reader "it has to be a 15-inch PowerBook with SuperDrive, lots of memory, and a backlit keyboard".

"The 15-inch PowerBook would be a nice indulgence," said another, adding – in a bid score brownie points with Santa: "I would pass my old iBook on to my wife in an effort to get her to replace a paper calendar with iCal."

Other readers are hoping to convince Santa that they deserve a Power Mac. One reader said: "iPod's are nice, but Santa if you are listening, that Dual 2GHz G5 really wants to sit on my desk."

Despite receiving such a large percentage of the vote, many readers feel that asking for a Power Mac G5 or a PowerBook might be pushing the season of goodwill slightly: "If money was no object then either a top of the range PowerBook or G5 with a large flat-panel monitor and all the gadgets would do. But a 12-inch iBook Combo would be the more realistic choice. But it would have to be a present to myself at the end of the day."

Another reader said: "Panther would do me nicely. I've relatively recently upgraded to Jaguar from 10.1.5. If the improvements in Panther are as good as that was then that's what I want for Xmas!"