In answer to the recent Macworld Poll ("Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 is a great game. But which sport would you like to see made into a Mac game?"), 25 per cent of voters demanded a 'Phil Drabble Sheep Dog Trails' entertainment title.

Maybe in light of the Foot & Mouth crisis, people are missing the complex whistling, walking sticks and flat caps of Drabble's classic BBC show, 'One Man and his Dog'.

The second-most requested sports game (with 17 per cent of the vote) was ' Eddie the Eagle's Ski Jumper'. Who can forget the bespectacled Brit who embarrassed a nation at the Winter Olympics all those years ago?

The success of WWF was nothing compared to the great World of Sport wrestling show in the 1970s. And so it's no surprise that 15 per cent of voters desired ' Big Daddy's Wrestling'. Splash!

A royal 11 per cent bowed to ' Prince Charles' Polo '. There was a late run of votes for ' Terry Wogan's Ballroom Dancing', which garnered 8 per cent of reader clicks. And 7 per cent r-oared for ' Steve Redgrave's Rowing'.

'Jockey Wilson's Darts' was asked for by 5 per cent. 3 per cent wanted ' Jayne Torvil's Ice Dancer ', but just 2 per cent potted for ' Alex Higgins' Snooker' and ' Eric the Eel's Olympic Swimming'.