The success of the iPod and the launch of the affordable Mac mini have piqued PC people’s interest, it seems.

A recent poll on the PC Advisor Web site reveals that an impressive 15.7 per cent of the Windows-focused title’s readers who voted plan to pull out their pound notes to acquire a Mac mini.

The question, “I’m going to buy Apple’s new Mac mini”, attracted the following responses from 915 voting PC people”

Agree - great looks, great price - 15.7 per cent.

Disagree - PC manufacturers are bound to respond - 14.5 per cent.

Disagree - I’d never buy a Mac - just 30.8 per cent.

What’s the new Mac mini? - 38.9 per cent.

Given recent analyst predictions conservatively predicting that just 11 per cent of Windows-using iPod owners may purchase Macs this year, the poll suggests Apple may see buoyant sales in its current quarter.

Industry-watchers expect to learn how much success Apple has enjoyed this quarter on April 13, when the company reveals its earnings for its second financial quarter of 2005.