Size isn’t everything when it comes to Apple notebooks, the latest Macworld Online poll shows.

Asked to name their favourite PowerBook, 55 per cent of 932 voters opted for the 15-inch model – far more than for the 12-incher (28 per cent) or the 17-inch model (17 per cent).

Although the 15-inch PowerBook was the clear favourite it was not without criticism. One reader noted: "A heavier, bigger and fatter 15-inch PowerBook is not an improvement. What I would like to see is a much higher spec."

The 17-inch model may have garnered fewer votes, but it seems its fans are far more verbal. While the 17-inch model has always been a hit with graphics professionals and designers, one reader points out that the screen real-estate is also ideal for musicians: "It means I can fit more stuff in when I'm running Logic."

For another reader, the 17-inch PowerBook offers is the perfect replacement for his desktop machine: "I got a feasible desktop replacement and a laptop I can use for work on the road that’s simply beautiful."

The model is perfect for entertainment, too: "I love my 17-inch PowerBook, as the size of the screen enables me to watch DVD movies," enthused one respondee.

For one fan of the 12-inch PowerBook, small is definitely beautiful: "I dream of having a 9-inch PowerBook. Now that really would be portable."

In related news, increased notebooks sales globally led IDC to raise its PC forecast for the remainder of 2003.

IDC told Macworld the popularity of PowerBooks helped Apple achieved its largest market share in two and-half years.