Thanks mostly to the iPod, last quarter saw Apple's profits rise to their highest level in the past nine years. With its wallets fit to burst, what should the company do with this extra cash?

More than a quarter of voters (29 per cent) in this week's Macworld online poll think that Apple should use its $106 million net profit from the quarter to wage a vicious anti-Windows TV campaign. Considering the UK's tough laws on advertising it is unlikely that such ads would get airtime over here.

Of the 1,123 voters, another quarter (26 per cent) think that Apple should give thanks to its dedicated fans by giving Tiger away "free for all in 2005".

The current litigation with the Beatles company, Apple Corps, figures highly. "Hire better lawyers, sue pants off Beatles," says 13 per cent of Macworld online readers. Another 11 per cent reckon Apple should pay of the Beatles in an out-of-court settlement.

However, one reader said: "I don't think $100m will satisfy the Beatles out-of-court." And it is very unlikely that either company will seek such a settlement. A source quashed such rumours, telling Macworld: "Settlement negotiations began, but as they progressed, both sides began to feel that they were completely in the right."

Other suggestions of what Apple could do with its windfall include: develop 30-inch PowerBook (6%), buy Steve a proper suit (4%), add real gold Apple logos (3%), buy Phil Schiller a jet (2%) and buy CEO Steve Jobs another Jet.

A number of readers made their own suggestions of what Apple could do with the money. 6 per cent of the poll suggested that there was something else the company should do with the money.

A popular use of the money would be to sort out issues with the supply chain. One reader suggested: "Apple should seek to achieve a reasonable and consistent delivery time for ordered kit."

Another suggestion was that Apple should channel money into production of the G5 chip. One reader suggesting the company should "speed up G5 Processor manufacture," another saying it should "speed up development of a G5 PowerBook."

One reader summed up what he thinks would be the best use of the cash. "Develop, develop, develop! Research, research, research!" he said.

Apple would gain popularity with many Macworld Online readers if it was to offer free products. One reader suggested: "Perhaps give away a few hundred Macs for marketing purposes." Another recommended: "An Xmas two for the price of one ram give-away."

In one reader's opinion, Apple's profit is not such a positive thing. He says: "They should take the opportunity to re-look at their profits and realise that they do charge too much for Macs."