Opinion was fairly evenly split in a recent Macworld Reader Poll on “What should Apple do with Emagic?”, its latest corporate/technology acquisition. Apple announced its purchase of music-application maker Emagic at the start of July.

A third of all voters (total polled: 395) wished to see Apple “create a free iMusic app” (33%) in the mould of iMovie and iTunes. Close behind were the readers calling for Apple to “create a new pro music app” (27%) like the video-editor Final Cut Pro.

19% would prefer Apple to “keep developing Logic” as it is, with 17% voting for Apple to “keep the Windows version”.

4% voted for Apple to “add techs to Final Cut Pro”, to create a super multimedia application.

Other comments included “How about all of the above.”

“Emagic doesn't just do Logic, you know. How about integrating some of its hardware into the new G4s.”

“I know how I feel when I see PC-only on a software box. This is an asset-stripping job by Steve and the boys. Are we Apple users not guilty of a Gatesism here?”

“Actually, just like iMovie and Final Cut, both a standard and professional version are required. The more people that are drawn to the Mac platform by the quality of the applications and their ability to choose between basic and professional levels the better.”

“As soon as I saw the news I thought ..Wow! iMusic! All they need to do now is add Propellerhead to their portfolio and dump the Windows version too, and sit back and watch boxes shift.”

“Keep developing Logic for the high end, and add a free iMusic app for general distribution and digital entertainment box.”

“I just hope that the over-complicated Logic gets the Apple treatment and becomes extremely easy to use.”

“Hopefully, now we'll get a bug-free version of Logic that works under OSX.”

“If they scrap the Windows version, they might shoot themselves in the foot. Surely it's better to keep its development going - but more slowly than the Mac version - and get one back for all the times the opposite happens.”

“Apple is right to dump the Windows version. Why spend $millions on R&D so PC users can use a cracked copy?”

“As long as it's profitable, keep the Windows version. Apple needs the money to develop new stuff!”

“Apple's next waste of money will be?”