The 30-inch Cinema Display unveiled by Apple CEO Steve Jobs in his Worldwide Developers Conference keynote may have impressed the crowd, but only 11 per cent of Macworld Online readers were hoping for new displays.

A quarter of readers (26 per cent) would have preferred to have seen a new-look iMac, with another 20 per cent hoping for cheaper Macs.

Other items on the wish list were PowerBook G5 (15%), colour-screen iPod (8%), 3GHz Power Mac (8%), video iPod (4%), Windows compatible software (3%). A further 5 per cent of the 1,602 voters were hoping for "something else".

One suggestion was for "an LCD Mac about the size of a paperback book that can connect to the TV or HiFi via AirPort". The reader adds: "It would be cheap enough to own several around the house to act as remote controls for your digital hub, and also to allow Internet surfing. The keyboard and mouse would connect via Bluetooth."

Another reader suggests: "Some kind of media server technology that uses Airport Express to bring video, music and the Internet to the TV."

One reader describes his ideas for a revamped iMac range. "I think it's high time Apple lived up to its digital-hub tag and improved or introduced TV capability. Despite what Jobs says I think there's a large slice of the high-end consumer market crying out for such capacity."

But not all readers are ready to see the back of the current iMac. "I'd be sad to see the current one go. It's as iconic as the original iMac, and every trendy TV show has a flat-panel iMac in there somewhere. I think it just needs to ramp-up the specs," said one.

Other readers want news on the iPod front. "I'd like to see a higher capacity iPod with colour screen and built-in media input so that I could also use it for storing and viewing photos on the move," said one.