Taking a lead from Apple’s focus on design in computing, Samsung has recruited world-renowned designer, Porsche Design, to create its SM171P and SM151P TFT LCD monitors.

These “mark the introduction of cutting-edge contemporary design into the display-market,” the company claims.

Both 15- and 17-inch monitors are available, finished in silver and black, with the vent grille “evoking the lines of a sports car,” says Samsung.

Allan McDonald, product marketing manager for Samsung’s display division, said: “With the expansive growth of the TFT monitor market and new entries in the consumer market, manufacturers find it hard to differentiate their products from those of their competitors.”

McDonald stresses the “aesthetic beauty” of the monitors.

Low power-consumption The units use proprietary technology developed to minimize power requirements – they use 50 per cent less power than CRT monitors and generate less heat, but still deliver a crisp, bright image. Height and tilt controls and a swivel-adjustment help users configure their screen to their specific needs. Cable clutter is minimized by a hidden-cables feature, and the monitors pivot 90-degrees clockwise for portrait modes. Both units can process analogue and digital-video signals.

A soft-touch button mounted on the front bezel controls the screen image. Maximum resolutions are 1,024-x-768 pixels (SM151P), and 1,280-x-1,024 pixels (SM171P).

The SM151P costs £425, while the SM171P costs £680. Both units are Mac-compatible.