Extensis has released a preview version of Portfolio 6 for Mac OS X.

Portfolio is Extensis’ award-winning asset-management solution. It creates a visual database from selected files, folders or volumes. Features include folder monitoring, database-management, thumbnail previews, and streamlined cataloguing. Web-serving capabilities are also available in the form of the free PortWeb 6 plug-in.

Portfolio 6 Server for Mac OS X, the workgroup-based version of the media-asset-management product, will be released next month. This version is promised to be fully compatible with both the currently shipping version of Portfolio and the native Mac OS X versions that will ship later.

Regular updates The company plans to bring the entire Portfolio product-line to Mac OS X over the coming months. Registered owners of Portfolio 6 (released in February) will be eligible to receive a free upgrade to the Mac OS X version on its release later this summer. Meanwhile, the company plans to update the preview version regularly, aiming to develop a beta version of Portfolio 6 for OS X within weeks.

Extensis’ decision to release OS X preview versions of Portfolio is in response to “customer demand,” the company says. The preview version doesn’t offer the full functionality of Portfolio 6, but can catalogue any file, folder or disc in through a contextual menu that appears in the Mac OS X Finder.

Portfolio 6.0 costs £149 (ex. VAT). A five-user version is priced at £599. Upgrades from any previous version of Portfolio cost £79.

The preview software is available for download now. It will expire in September 2002.