Extensis has announced record-breaking sales for its digital asset management (DAM) solution, Portfolio.

The company claims sales of that product helped it achieve its highest quarterly revenue in the company's hostory, but declined to give exact figures.

The company, which is now owned by Celartem, did say it saw Portfolio sales rise 39 per cent year on year in 2005, while product revenues doubled (up 204 per cent).

"Extensis is encouraged by its strong financial performance coming into 2006," said Kevin Hurst, vice president of marketing for Extensis. "We have worked very hard to service the growing needs of creative professionals through the release of Portfolio 8 at the end of last year.  Our continued investment and commitment to this market has brought us profitability, gold-standard products and exceptional customer service for our users."

Extensis purchased the very first digital asset management program, then titled Aldus Fetch, from Adobe in1996.  After a complete engineering rewrite, the product was re-launched under the Extensis brand as Portfolio.