Curious Labs has released Poser 5 for Mac OS X, with the update including figure-design tools previously available only for Windows users.

These features include a collection of ready-to-use 3D human and animal models, fully poseable with articulated hands and feet. There are also photorealistic texture-maps and facial morphs.

Users can import any photo of a face, map it to a 3D head, and then use Morph Putty to sculpt facial expressions. Hair is controlled via the Hair Room, which offers length, thickness and styling controls.

Objects, meanwhile, can be draped in dynamic cloth, collision objects can be assigned to make the cloth flow, and realistic wind effects can be added using the new Wind Force feature.

Trace element Poser 5's new hybrid FireFly micro-polygon and Ray Trace render engine allows subdivision surface-rendering of polygons, giving control over the rendering process. Other features include Ray Traced refraction and reflection, powerful node-based shaders, render-time polygon smoothing, and 3D motion blur.

The new Material Room is able to create materials using node-based shaders, and combine procedurals, image maps, animations, fractal, and math nodes to create virtually any material texture.

Poser 5 for Mac OS X is currently available online only. Boxed-version details will be announced “soon”.

Curious Labs has announced two special priced offerings for the Mac. For a limited time Windows users with Poser 5 looking to switch to OS X, can purchase Poser 5 for Mac OS X ESD Crossgrade for $129. A full version of Poser 5 for Mac OSX ESD can be purchased for $199.

Other prices are as follows:
Upgrade from Poser 1,2,3, $169; from 4, $149; and from Pro Pack, $99.