Curious Labs has announced the imminent release of the Poser Pro Pack.

The Poser Pro Pack is a collection of tools for Poser users. It adds new features and enhances the functions of the application. The Pack also contains a series of third-party enhancements for the 3D-figure modelling software. The Pack requires Poser 4, and expands the production capabilities of the application, including enabling Web designers to create 3D-character content for the Web.

Complete Poser 4 scene files can be created, including animated 3D-characters using the bundled plug-ins for Newtek's LightWave and Discreet's 3D Studio. The Pack includes the Viewpoint Media Player for 3D and Flash for 2D.

Blur New functions Poser 4 users can expect include 2D-motion blur, multiple camera-views, animated-material parameters, compressed content and new library files.

Steve Cooper, president of Curious Labs, said: "Curious Labs has been committed to Poser since day one, and that focus has driven us to transform Poser into a true, production-capable 3D-character animation tool. The Pro Pack reflects the requests of our advanced users. It adds animated-2D and -3D Web content, better integration with other tools, a streamlined workflow for setting up new characters, scripting controls, motion blur and some basic tweaks to the way these work within Poser."

The Poser Pack will cost $149, and will be available to owners of Poser 4.0-4.0.3. The Pack will be made available for both Mac and Windows versions of the application on its release in January.