Tenon Intersystems and Open Technologies have released Post.Office for Mac OS X.

Post.Office was originally developed and released as a Unix and Windows NT application. The move to release a version for OS X marks industry recognition for Apple's next-generation operating system. It's another Unix application reaching the Mac OS. Apple's director developer technologies, Richard Kerris, told Macworld: "Developer reaction to the OS has exceeded Apple's expectations. It's like we threw a dinner party, and the whole world turned up."

Kerris explained that Unix developers are coming to the OS because their apps require a simple recompile in order to function on OS X. They then enjoy Apple's Aqua user interface.

Web forms Post.Office is a scalable SMTP/POP3/IMAP messaging server designed for small and medium ISPs. It supports 10–10,000 users. The application was designed with ease of use in mind: administrators can control their accounts using easy-to-navigate Web forms – accounts can be administrated remotely using the application's built-in Web support. End users can specify how the want their mail handled (HTML or text), join mailing lists and manage their lists.

The solution runs independently of the platform, so that crackers cannot access the Mac's operating system-level privileges by hacking into Post.Office. The application implements a number of additional security features, including: multiple password protection; restricted user access to specified domains or hosts and Postmaster notification should suspicious activity occur. It also offers SMTP mail relay protection to guard against Spam.

Post.Office also includes POP-before-SMTP, to support valid users from remote locations. In addition, a powerful mail-blocking feature can stop the delivery of all mail from a particular system, domain, email address, or user name to prevent 'denial-of-service' attacks.

Pricing is dependent on level of use, Post.Office starts at $295 (100 mailboxes and ten lists).