Apple is "on target" to ship all orders for G5 Power Macs this month, reports

The report says: "Rumour has it that advance orders have been strong for the company's eagerly awaited Power Mac G5". On announcement, the company said shipping would begin in August. Pro Mac users are believed to have been delaying upgrading their Macs in anticipation of the new machines. As a result, Apple's professional desktop sales have dwindled.

An Apple US spokeswoman told that the company remains on target to ship all orders for G5 machines this month, but the international supply situation has not been clarified.

An Apple UK spokesman said: "Apple's plan has been and remains to ship Power Mac G5 orders in August."

Apple-watchers have been concerned following September 1999's launch of the G4 Power Mac. Then processor supplier Motorola was unable to ship enough G4 chips at that time, which severely impacted on Apple's sales and slashed its share vales by $10 in one day.