Apple is already shipping Power Mac G5s in the US and Europe, though Japanese shipments face slight delays, reports say.

The Kyodo news agency claims Japanese Power Mac shipments have been delayed. Macworld has confirmed that Apple's biggest markets – the US and Europe – are unaffected.

An Apple spokesman this morning told Macworld: "Apple has made it quite clear that it has begun shipping Power Mac G5s in the US and Europe. They are already arriving with customers."

Kyodo news reports that "production is behind schedule". This means the 1.6GHz and 1.8GHz Macs won't ship until mid-September, while the dual processor 2GHz Power Mac will appear in Japan at the end of September.

Apple has attracted 100,000 pre-orders for the new Macs, and future sales are expected to remain strong, as creative professionals upgrade their equipment in the coming months.