Power On Software has released Now-Up-to-Date and Contact 4.0.

Robert Leeds, Power On's vice president of business development and communications, calls this version "an absolutely fabulous feature-filled upgrade". It's compatible with Mac OS 8.6-9.1, and will work as a Classic application on OS X systems.

With a redesigned, customizable interface, Power On has introduced a selection of user-definable fields, with additional Internet, email and phone fields.

Office integration Another feature is the PIM's ability to extract data from Microsoft Entourage into the application automatically. Support for Microsoft Office 2001 has been enhanced – drag-&-drop and mail-merge integration has been introduced.

Other features include drag-and-drop layout capabilities, pop-up labelling of headers in list view mode, and the ability to attach graphics to contact records – maps for example. The PIM can also auto-dial telephone numbers.

Accessing the data has been improved with the introduction of a number of new views, search functions, project-priority levels and a new Scripts Menu. Power users will benefit from significantly improved AppleScript support.

In sync It offers diary, appointment, contact-management and Internet-connectivity features. It supports multiple users – even over dial-up modem connections – and automatic synchronization of data between computers.

UK pricing for version 4 is unavailable. Version 3.9 costs £75 from Softline. In the US the product costs $129.95, or $119.95 for a downloadable version.

The company is offering a deal on its revised product. Customers purchasing version 4 will get a free upgrade to the Mac OS X version of the PIM, which is scheduled for release in summer.