Mobility Electronics has announced its EasiExpansion T35 PowerBook – part of its EasiExpansion range.

The device offers five drive bays, three PCI expansion slots and two USB ports for PowerBooks, and doubles up as a docking station. It connects to the PowerBook via the PC Card slot and a thin, high-speed Split Bridge cable.

The T35 will enable PowerBook users to connect a full sized monitor and keyboard to their computer.

Exclusive Don Johnson, executive vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for Mobility Electronics, said: "We’re now the only company that offers a complete expansion and docking station for Apple laptop users. PowerBook owners no longer have to sacrifice expansion and docking options when they select an Apple laptop."

The product makes use of the company’s proprietary Split Bridge technology. This is over 100 times faster than USB, according to the company, and connects to the 32-bit PCI card slot on PowerBooks.

Compatible with all FireWire-enabled PowerBooks, the EasiExpansion T35 PowerBook costs $599 in the US. The product will ship next month in the UK, and will cost £602.

Like many companies selling US products in Europe, the UK regional pricing has been adversely affected by the relative weakening of the pound against the dollar on the foreign exchange markets.