Some Titanium G4 PowerBooks have been suffering from misaligned DVD-ROM drives, according to online reports.

The news first emerged when MacNN revealed Apple's plan to repair and service misaligned DVD-ROM mechanisms in its new pro-portable, promising to "expedite" the repairs process.

Responding to reports that Apple is providing free repairs for new PowerBook G4 owners following discovery of the fault, the company's UK public relations manager David Millar said: "We are not aware of a documented problem with this product."

Apple has also added a new item to its Tech Info Library, which describes three ways to eject DVD's from the Titanium PowerBook's slot-loading drive.

If PowerBook owners are having problems ejecting DVDs using the F12/Media Eject key, Apple offers two back-ups. The first is to restart the computer with the trackpad button held down until the disc is ejected. The second solution describes the location and use of the emergency eject button – a tiny hole found just to the right of the DVD-ROM slot.

If the problem persists, Titanium PowerBook owners should call Apple's technical support line.