Apple is preparing to announce discounts on PowerBook G4s "within the next few days", online reports claim.

Reports predict that the cost of the 400MHz model will fall $400 to $2,199, and the 500MHz model will be $2,999, a $500 discount. Sources indicate that the discount is likely to be extended to the UK market.

On the Apple Store, the 400MHz PowerBook currently costs £1,899, the 500MHz 20GB £2,499, and the 500MHz 30GB model £2,850.

It's also rumoured that the company is to terminate the free CD-RW voucher offer before it was meant to end on September 3.

Industry insiders say Apple's intention is to reduce the price difference between its PowerBook and iBook ranges, and not to prepare the ground for a new model.

Apple would neither confirm nor deny the CNet story.