Margi Systems has announced its Display-To-Go cards, a 4MB Type II PCMIA upgrade for PowerBook G3s.

It bridges the gap between PowerBooks and digital monitors, including Apple’s DVI (Digital Video Interface)-based Studio Display and Cinema Display. VGA displays are supported, and an additional output device can also be used – such as a digital or analogue LCD projector.

Resolutions up to 1,600-x-1,200 at refresh rates up to 85Hz are supported. The card ships with an on-screen set-up feature, and works with any G3 PowerBook running Mac OS 9 or later.

Margi Systems said it’s working on an adaptor for Apple’s new range of ADC (Apple Display Connector) displays. The Display-To-Go 4MB card is currently available either as a DVI or VGA compatible kit, packed with either a DVI or VGA cable. Expected to ship in the US from August 21, the card costs $299.