Apple’s PowerBook has made broadcast history, following the first remote live Web broadcast via satellite.

A team from the British multimedia design and film company, Moving Brands, set up a live link from Outer Mongolia’s Altai Mountains, using PowerBooks, a mini-digital video camera, and a portable satellite terminal from BT, known as BT Satelan.

The live link was broadcast last night on the BBC TV's science-innovation show, Tomorrow’s World. A multicast was scheduled for today between 8-9am.

“This is the world’s first backpack outside-broadcast unit. It will enable newsgathering and remote broadcasts to become far more mobile, versatile and immediate,’ said Toby Younger, managing director of Moving Brands.

BT Satelan is a lightwight, laptop-sized satellite terminal that is powered by solar panels. It offers fax, voice and ISDN communication. As well as multicasting, the terminal provides studio-quality voice transmission, store-and-forward video, teleconferencing and access to corporate intranets and the Internet.