Mac Components Engineered (MCE) has released 20 and 30GB versions of its Xcaret Pro line of expansion-bay hard drives for PowerBooks.

Two drives are available – the Xcaret Pro-99 and Xcaret Pro Media Bay. The Xcaret Pro-99 drives are designed for the latest 500MHz and 400MHz PowerBooks, as well as the older 400MHz and 333MHz versions.

The Xcaret Pro Media Bay drives are compatible with the PowerBook G3 series, or Wall Street machines, these include the 300MHz, 292MHz, 266MHz, 250MHz and 233MHz models.

In tune The manufacturer claims the drives are "specially tuned" for multimedia applications, and are capable of recognizing when a large file transfer is occurring – such as when video is being captured to the expansion drive. When this happens, the drives will suspend background-maintenance duties in order to provide an unbroken stream of data. This will "virtually eliminate" the problem of dropped frames, according to Xcaret.

The Pro-99 Drive fits the right expansion bay of the currently shipping PowerBooks, as well as previous generation PowerBook G3 series. The Xcaret Pro Media Bay hard drive fits into either the right or left expansion bay of a PowerBook. Apple drivers are used – so no third-party drive utilities are required, and both drives can be set up to boot the PowerBook automatically.

The drives retail at $699 for the 30GB, and $599 for the 20GB varieties, and will ship in quantity in the US in September.