PowerLogix has released beta versions of its cache-enabling utilities for Macs running Mac OS X on PowerLogix upgrades.

Cache Control X is available in a public preview version today. It's an OS X version of the company's G3/G4 cache-profiler software. It allows OS X users to adjust L2 cache settings, and to set hardware and power-management features. The software will work with all PowerLogix upgrades.

OS X first Robin Howdershelt, marketing director for PowerLogix, said: "Cache Control X is the first fully functional L2-cache utility for OS X. Unlike other software that permits only specific cache ratios under OS X, it offers all the options for backside cache ratio. It works for both 512K and 1MB backside-cache sizes."

Howdershelt added: "Cache Control X allows anyone who has successfully installed OS X on their machines – even owners of the daughtercard-style G3 and G4 upgrades – to enable backside cache under the new OS."

Profiler X PowerLogix released a beta version of Profiler X – its diagnostic utility – earlier this month. This lets OS X users determine the processor and cache speed.

The company has also cut the prices of two of its Mac upgrades. The PowerLogix BlueChip G3 466/233/1MB falls from £449 to £379, while the BlueChip G3 500/250/1MB drops from £519 to £459. BlueChip upgrades are designed for use with the PowerBook G3 (Wall Street) series.

The PowerForce G4 450/225/1MB – for Power Macs 7300-9600 and compatible clones – has fallen from £379 to £349. Also, the PowerForce G4 ZIF 450/225/1MB – for beige and blue-&-white Power Mac G3s – has dropped from £379 to £349.

PowerLogix products are distributed in the UK by AM Micro.