Powerlogix has made a swathe of price cuts across its line of G3 and G4 upgrade cards. All cards sold in the UK at present come with a Virgin flight voucher for a free flight to Brussels.

The PowerForce G3 Daughter Cards 400Mhz 1MB @ 200Mhz falls from £389 to £335. The 500MHz 1MB 250MHz version has been reduced to £5h9. The G4 400MHz version of the card is now £620, a saving of £69.

The companies ZIF cards have also come down in price. The PowerForce G3 ZIF 500Mhz 1MB @ 250Mhz drops from £609 to £559, and the PowerForce G4 ZIF 400Mhz 1MB @ 200Mhz is now £620, down from £689.

These products are distributed by IMC.