Linux Mandrake has released its Mandrake Linux 8.0 PowerPC beta.

This installation of Linux has been designed to support PowerPC processors. It's available from Linux Mandrake today.

This flavour of Linux has also been optimized to run significantly faster on G3 processors. It also features Mandrake's Mac on Linux application. This lets users launch Mac OS software under Linux, though it does require a Macintosh operating system be installed.

This version of Linux is installed through a graphical installer-engine called Drakx. It also ships with another application – Supermount – which will mount removable media, including CD-ROMs and floppy disks. The package also contains popular Linux user interfaces from Gnome and Nautilus.

The beta Linux installation is available for download from the company. A $69 (plus $20 p&p) seven-CD set is also available, featuring 1,000 Linux applications.