Adobe has announced that Premiere 6.0 - its digital video-editing solution - will support real-time digital-video editing for Macs. This follows the announcement that Apple's Final Cut Pro is supported by Matrox's £699 RTMac card.

Recent advances in Apple'sQuickTime 5 and the availability of real-time hardware cards, means Premiere customers will have access to real-time capabilities on the Macintosh for the first time.

Adobe has been working with hardware manufacturers Matrox Systems and ProMax Systems to produce real-time cards.

The cards, slated for a spring release, will support uncompressed digital-video formats including HDTV and DV.

They will allow video effects to be viewed in Premiere instantly, with no wait for rendering. Effects include colour correction, 2D- and 3D-motion, as well as particle effects, Adobe says.

Adobe Premiere 6.0 costs £400. An upgrade to version 6.0 is £105.