Adobe has announced Adobe Premiere 6.0, the latest version of its digital video-editing solution.

The application has been built to accept digital-video input, but can also deliver Web-ready video output.
Premiere 6.0 supports a wide range of digital-video input devices from a number of manufacturers. Go to for details.

Premiere's ability to deliver Web-ready video content in a single step is the most significant addition to the application. It can now output to all leading Web-video formats, Adobe claims. Premiere offers three tools for optimizing and exporting to Web ready formats.

Streaming Save for Web, is a simple, menu-based set of tools that outputs multiple files, optimized for streaming or progressive download in popular formats, including QuickTime, RealMedia, Windows Media, MPEG and others. The application does this by exporting the Timeline directly into Terran Interactive's Media Cleaner. The application can also output into formats ready for high bandwidth delivery, such as Windows Media Player and RealPlayer.

In a non-Mac-friendly move, however, the application's high-end advanced export to Windows Media function is not supported on the Mac, though a basic ability to export to this standard is Mac-friendly.

Premiere 6 is able to set Timeline markers to launch HTML Web pages at relevant points during Web-video playback.

Timeline The Automate to Timeline feature allows selected sequences of clips, or whole bins, to be sent directly from the Storyboard or Project window to the Timeline. Clips can be dropped here, and then choreographed to the audio sequence.

The FireWire-friendly application sees improvements in other areas, too. It now supports non-square pixels, DV presets and the Movie Capture window has been enhanced.

One new feature is Device Control Customization (DCC), which involves built-in pre-sets for DV sources. When a source is selected, Premiere 6.0 optimizes its control through DCC to the most effective available setting.

The new Settings tab also makes capture settings easily accessible from within the Movie Capture window. Another feature, the Logging Tab helps log video-clips, set In and Out points, name clips and reels, and batch-capture multiple video-clips.

The Project window in Premiere 6.0 displays the Preview and Bin areas, and all files connected with a project can be viewed here. New in version 6.0’s Preview area is the ability to play a clip from within the Project window. Information about the clip is also visible, including frames per second and average data-rate.