Adobe has updated Premiere – its digital-video editing application for prosumers and professionals – to version 6.5.

The revamped application integrates well with other Adobe software, the company claims.

Version 6.5 includes the Title Designer. This has been developed to create broadcast-quality titling sequences and effects, Adobe says. Text can be integrated with moving footage, or overlayed as seen on standard credit sequences.

Title Designer supports typographical controls, such as outlined text, kerning, leading edge and baseline shift. It also offers over 300 pre-designed templates, including still layouts, rolls and crawls. It will import text files, map textures to text, apply multi-coloured gradients, emboss or bevel text edges, apply shadows and control transparency.

Title trials An Adobe representative said: “No one else has a built-in titling feature like this.” Since then, Apple has announced its plans to acquire Prismo Graphics, manufacturer of animated video titling application, India Titler Pro.

Effects, titles and transitions can be previewed in real-time using software only, both on a monitor and external video screens.

Sound investment The Mac OS version also ships with TC Works Spark LE, which allows real-time two-track audio processing. This application supports .WAV, AIFF, SDI and QuickTime audio formats, has the ability to decode MP3s, and supports VST and ASIO hardware and plug-ins.

The application works with a wide range of video hardware, claims Adobe, and it can use After Effects filters.

Premier 6.5 integrates with Apple's iDVD and Apple DVD Studio Pro, so Premiere-produced video can be archived to DVD in MPEG2 format straight from Premiere's Timeline.

The Premiere 6.5 bundle includes 30 Adobe After Effects plug-ins – five of which are new. The new effects include Blend, Channel Blur, Directional Blur, Ramp and Lighting. Over 90 high-quality Adobe fonts are also included.

The application requires Mac OS 9.2.2, or Mac OS X 10.1.3. It's expected to ship in this year's third quarter. It costs £475 (excluding VAT).