The US presidential iPod's garnered plenty of publicity since it was revealed, but only today have we learned it was a gift from U2 frontman, Bono.

The White House released its lists of presents given to the president and vice president yesterday. The list confirms that president Bush as given an iPod and a Bible by the Irish singer and anti-poverty campaigner.

The report reveals the president received $17,316 in gifts last year, including cycling shoes and a mountain bike.

The contents of the presidential iPod were revealed by the New York Times in April last year. His 250-song playlist (maintained for the president by an assistant) includes country greats and some middle-of-the-road rock numbers.

The iPod also contains some songs from The Beatles. Given that The Beatles haven't yet released any of their songs through digital music services, this implies the music was ripped to the iPod from a CD.

In the UK the BPI alleges that consumers do not have the right to rip music to their digital devices from CDs they legitimately own.