Online music service Pressplay plans to make its online service available to Macintosh users later this year, Reuters reports.

Pressplay is jointly owned by Sony and Vivendi Universal. Along with competing services MusicNet and FullAudio, it is in the vanguard of subscription-based music-download services.

"We're hoping Pressplay will be available on Macs sometime this year, although we can't guarantee that,'' said Pressplay CEO Andy Schuon.

At present, though, none of the currently available subscription-based services are available to Macintosh users. Karen Allen, a consultant formerly with the Recording Association of America (RIAA) told Reuters: "Apple is so consumer-friendly, and it makes all the sense in the world to have these services on the Mac."

Such a service was first explored by Napster, which was forced to close in July 2001 following the US music industry's copyright lawsuits.