Quite Software has released Mac OS X versions of its Acrobat print-production plug-ins.

The plug-ins include Quite Imposing 1.5 priced at £199, Quite Imposing Plus 1.5 priced at £389 and Quite A Box Of Tricks that costs £125 (all prices exclude VAT).

Quite Imposing 1.5 is a tool for imposing PDF documents within Adobe Acrobat 5.05. Quite Imposing Plus 1.5 is a streamlined version.

Quite A Box Of Tricks 1.5 is a PDF toolkit that converts images to CMYK and reduces PDF file size by recompressing images.

Upgrades to these versions are free to download for all registered users. The plug-ins continue to run under Acrobat 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0.