Apple has published an in-depth profile of professional photographer, Christian Popkes.

The report has a focus on Popkes' use of Aperture in his work. The photographer is described as a "perfectionist", who needs to trust his crew, camera, lighting and tools.

He's one of Germany's leading photographers, on a mission "to capture a person's essence in a split second and show it in a photograph", the report explains. It then describes how he uses cutting edge equipment to achieve that stated aim.

"At long last, the industry has come up with a post-production tool that does what the photographer needs and that slots neatly into the workflow", he says of Aperture. The photographer reflects that the software lets professionals like himself work digitally in a way that reflects the way he worked with analogue photography - a light table and magnifying glass, for example.

A short video interview (in QuickTime format) is also available.