Apple has published a feature examinig the work of award-winning photographer Simon Roberts.

The report - Cold Snaps - looks at Roberts' most recent challenge, a year-long journey to capture the 'real' Russia, armed with a digital camera and a PowerBook.

He published weekly digital postcards from his travels around the country through the BBC: "These stunning - and intensely moving - photographs explored the social, political and economic issues facing Russia's diverse and struggling population," the report explains.

Technology helped it happen: "The PowerBook was my lifeline in Russia, it transformed my travels by simultaneously being a home cinema for endless winter nights in dingy Siberian hotels; a jukebox with eight days of continuous music; and a translator complete with Russian dictionary."

Roberts also made use of his PowerBook's AirPort Extreme card to keep in contact with friends and family and to send images to the BBC.

"In remote places that I travelled to in Far East Russia and the Altai mountains, there wasn't a professional photo lab, but there was usually somewhere with internet access where I could hook up my PowerBook," he explained.