DigiDesign UK is shipping Pro Tools 6.0 for Mac OS X.

The upgraded music-creation solution has been previewed on numerous occasions in recent weeks including at Macworld Expo San Francisco.

Pro Tools 6.0 includes a new file-management utility called DigiBase. This is similar to the Finder, displaying file information including duration, timestamps, and two user-comment fields. DigiBase also lets users audition files, and view waveform thumbnails before importing them into Pro Tools.

The updated application offers better performance with Apple's dual-processor Macs, as well as a new multi-user login functionality. This lets users save preferences for display, operation, editing, automation, processing, compatibility and MIDI. It supports Mac OS X's Core MIDI Services.

Pro Tools 6.0 now supports up to 256 MIDI tracks, and works with DirectMIDI plug-ins, enabling automatic tempo data broadcasting.

The application also offers plug-in enhancements, and new Beat Detective features.

Pro Tools 6.0 is built to work in conjunction with the company's hardware products for audio, including TDM systems such as Pro Tools|HD, and LE systems such as the Mbox. Support for the Digi 002 with Pro Tools 6.0 will follow shortly.

Pro Tools 6.0 for TDM costs £145, while Pro Tools LE costs £55. All prices exclude VAT.

The company is beginning a UK-wide tour to demonstrate the features of its revamped audio tool.