Digidesign will release Pro Tools 5.0.1 LE as a free download later this autumn.

The download version will offer eight audio tracks, 48 MIDI tracks and two input/output channels using Sound Manager drivers on any third-party hardware.

The free version will include the DigiRack RTAS plug-ins and will support third party plug-ins too.

Features The application includes multiple playlists, audio-waveform displays and audio scrubs. Most audio sound-formats are supported, including AIFF, WAV, RealAudio G2 and QuickTime.

Digidesign says: "Pro Tools users will be able to record and edit without erasing or changing original audio, edit during playback, create cross-fades and mix with a common set of features from Digidesign’s high-end systems."

The company will also distribute the software on CD. The price of the CD has not yet been announced.