• Fix Mac screen flashing problem.
  • Google Drive causes problems with Mavericks Finder.
  • Step-by-step guide to fixing the Mac flashing display problem.

Many Mac users are reporting problems with flashing Mac OS X screens in Mavericks. It turns out that Apple Mavericks and Google Drive aren’t getting on, and in some cases this causes the Mac OS X Finder to flash.

We’ve managed to fix this problem. So here is a step-by-step guide to fixing it.

Google isn't having an easy ride in Mavericks so far. Today it surfaced that a problem with Google Drive is causing the Finder to refresh repeatedly in Mavericks, making the screen flash and switch window focus.

This is an annoying problem, and it come hot on the heels of problems with Google’s Gmail service. While Gmail awaits a fix from apple we seem to have a fix for Google Drive.


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Fix Flashing Screen in Mac OS X Mavericks

Fix the Mac Finder so it works with Google Drive:

  • Click on the Google Drive option in the Menu bar and choose Preferences.

  • Click on Disconnect account… and Apply.

  • Click on Google Drive in the Menu bar and Quit.

  • Locate your Google Drive folder (it should be in your Home folder) and drag its contents to the Trash. You should have your entire Google Drive synced online. If you’re a bit wary of this you can rename the folder something like Google Drive Backup or drag it to another location in Finder.

Fix Mac OS X Google Drive Mavericks problem

  • Hold down Option and click on Go in the Finder Menu bar and choose Library.

  • Open the Preferences folder and locate the “com.apple.finder.plist” file. Drag this to the Trash. 

  • Find the “com.google.GoogleDrive.plist” file in Preferences and drag this to the Trash. 

  • Go back up to the Library folder and open the Caches folder. Now find the “com.google.GoogleDrive” folder and delete it.

  • Click on this link to download a new install of Google Drive.

  • Restart your Mac for good measure.

  • Double click the InstallGoogleDrive.dmg file in your Downloads folder.

  • Drag Google Drive to applications.

  • Double click the Google Drive application and enter your User ID and Password.

This worked for us and should fix your flashing Google Drive issue. We also performanced a Disk Utility Repair Permissions for good measure. Let us know if this fixes your problem too (or if you think it’s something else).

Hopefully Apple or Google will issue a fix for this that solves the problem for other people.

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