Fix common Mail Problems in Mavericks

Apple users are reporting of problems using Mail in Mac OS X Mavericks: missing messages, the Mail app doesn’t quit and problems between Mavericks and Gmail are all being reported.

In this feature we’ll take a look at Mavericks Mail and offer some fixes for common problems. These can be used to help fix Mail in Mavericks. There are other problems and solutions surfacing, so please add any other notes in the comments.

Here are some common fixes for Mail problems:

Mail not appearing correctly in Mavericks

One General fix that you can try to fix an unruly Mail is to rebuild the Mailbox. This helps fix and general problems with a Mailbox you might have. Follow these steps to rebuild a mailbox.

  • Open Mail

  • Click on Mailboxes and choose Rebuild mailbox

This should rebuild the Mailbox and ensure that it has the correct structure.

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Mail app not working in Mavericks

If you have a Mavericks Mail app that has stopped responding completely, you’re not alone. This Apple Support thread is discussing this problem and a potential solution:

  • Restart your Mac (make sure that Reopen windows when logging back in is not ticked).

  • Click on System Preferences and choose Internet Accounts.

  • Click on the first account in the sidebar and click Remove (the ‘-’ in the bottom). and choose Delete From Mac.

  • Now delete all the other accounts using the same process.

  • Now reactivate all accounts by clicking on each icon in the main window (iCloud, Google and so on) and entering your User ID and Password.

Note! If you have a POP email account you will remove and lose older emails.

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Remove Mail accounts in Mavericks

Blank Mail Messages in Mavericks

Several users have mentioned getting blank messages in Mavericks after upgrading.

Apple Support member first prospect suggests exporting and re-importing the Mailboxes:

  • In Finder, Hold down Option and click on Go and choose Library

  • Head to user/Library/Mail/V2 and you should see folders for all your Mail accounts.

  • Copy each Mbox to the desktop

  • In Mail choose File > Import Mailbox

  • Choose Apple Mail > Continue.

  • Locate the mailbox and click Choose

  • It should import the mail in to new folder called Import in Mail. You can then rename this folder or click and drag the messages into the folder you want.

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Problems with Gmail in Mavericks

Gmail appears to be causing special problem for Mavericks users. Google has implemented a range of new features into Gmail, such as improved message search and tabs. This has caused problems with some of the new features in Mavericks.

Mavericks is especially wary of Google’s All Mail setting, which may cause a Gmail account to download multiple emails.

Either way we believe that currently Gmail has issues with Mavericks, including slow performance. Some users report emails taking days to arrive. Apple is reported to be working on a fix and our advice is to use the Gmail web browser for a short while, or switch to iCloud or another server for your primary email. We think Apple and Google will issue a fix for this shortly.

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