Apple's share value climbed steeply yesterday, closing at over 9 points (at $73) on the strength of the company's better-than-expected fourth quarter.

Analysts seemed supportive, with 15 major groups rating Apple's stock as a buy, and nine more groups suggesting that Apple's shares are worth hanging on to.

Wall Street seems to believe that Apple's supply problems are not of its making, and are content with the company's efforts to repair the situation.

Many analysts feel that Apple still has room for further growth, Credit Suisse First Boston, an investment bank, expect revenues to increase swiftly. Apple's fourth quarter returned far better results than Wall Street had been led to expect. On the strength of that, Apple continues to be one of the hottest IT investments at this time. All these movements in value are taking place against a general trend for shakiness in stocks generally, and the IT sector in particular. NASDAQ closed 71 points down on the day.