Be-Accountable 2.0, for tracking the time and resources spent on projects, has been released.

There are seven tool sets: Projects; Companies; Traffic, Meetings; Contact Tools; Time Cards; and Job Costing.

Projects records and archives project details, and keeps time logs. The Companies tool personalizes client and vendor contact-information in custom address-books, and organizes meetings. Traffic tracks the progress of projects with colour-coded fields for employee's tasks.

Keeping track The Contacts tool prints entries from personal address-books for each employee. Meetings plans meetings for companies and takes relevant notes.

Time Cards records and archives each employee's hours for each pay period, and cross-references against the time spend per project. Finally, the Job Costing tool tracks expenses by project, seeking out the most profitable clients and projects.

The software supports up to 50 users. A single licence costs $149, while 50 users cost $2,299. An online demo is also available. No UK pricing is available.