Proteron has made its new (N2MP3) MP3 encoder available over the Web. The beauty of this new package is that it gives users the opportunity to encode MP3 files all in one programme.

The $34.95, N2MP3 is Mac-friendly, requiring Mac OS 8.0 or later, and any CD-ROM drive. OS 9 compatibility has not yet been established. Designed with intuitive user-friendliness in mind, N2MP3 is integrated into the Finder, so after installation and an obligatory reboot, you can simply insert your favourite audio CD’s and transfer tracks to your hard drive for encoding. Whilst encoding, you can use other programs with no apparent loss in audio quality.

It’s a high quality MP3 encoder, with lots of extra functionality and it doesn’t devour your computer’s processing power too much, enabling you to continue working on other projects while encoding.