Proxim, a wireless-broadband networking company focused on the PC marketplace, has acquired Farallon, a leading developer of plug-&-play networking solutions for Macs.

No redundancies are expected as a result of the deal, Proxim instead hopes to leverage Farallon’s expertise to expand the reach of its products into the Mac market. Farallon sources indicate the company is extremely happy at the deal, as Farallon will now have access to Proxim’s technologies and the opportunity to bring these to the Mac platform.

Beefed-up The acquisition adds considerable strength to Proxim’s position in the home-networking, small-business and education markets, according to industry observers. The company said it would "strengthen Proxim’s position with cable operators and other leading service providers seeking to deliver complete broadband-networking solutions."

The Farallon division will continue to develop and support the Farallon product lines, including its SkyLINE (wireless), HomeLINE (phone line networking) and NetLINE (wired ethernet) product families.

Proxim has been creating wireless-broadband solutions for over 15 years. Proxim describes its Symphony product as the world’s leading wire-free networking-product for the home and small office. Other products include its RangeLAN wireless-service-provider solution, and Stratum, its wireless-Ethernet bridge that connects buildings up to seven miles apart. It’s rumoured that the Symphony product line will be the first Proxim product to be re-engineered for the Mac platform by Farallon. Sources say that Mac drivers for Symphony are already in development following the deal.

The cost Richard Maslana, Farallon’s CEO, said: "The combined companies will provide our customers with significantly improved sales and marketing reach through Proxim’s retail and distributor channels worldwide." Proxim purchased Farallon for $10 million in common stock and $4 million in cash. Proxim and Farallon sources promise more news on the deal over the next week.