Psion is to upgrade its MacConnect PDA synchronization software.

MacConnect connects the Psion Revo, Revo Plus, Series 5mx and series 7 handhelds to a Mac, and will ship in early 2001, reports the Register. Caroline Benson, of Psion, said: "It’s not really a move back to the Mac. We’ve always had Mac support. What we’re doing is upgrading our product."

The original MacConnect software has been around a while, and has suffered from lack of upgrades in recent years.

The main reason Psion has made the move to revitalize MacConnect is the imminent arrival of Microsoft Outlook on the Mac, as part of Mac Office 2001, a Psion representative told The Register. The Psion will be able to synch its notepad, diary, and calendar with Outlook’s.

USB is also going to be supported in future Psion products.