Apple's brand interacts uniquely with the human brain, new research shows.

Brands activate parts of the brain customarily used to process emotions, claims the journal Brain and Language, published on New

This unique reaction is likely to help Apple – a brand viewed as being as “cool” as David Beckham and The Simpsons among UK 18-30 year olds.

The researchers tested the reactions of a sample group to a variety of famous brand names. They found that the brain associates a brand with a range of primarily emotional ideas. Study leader, Dr Eran Zeidel, suggested that the evolution of the brand has also prompted an evolution of the brain.

The study put subjects in front of a screen where a variety of words appeared – common words, such as river, non-words, and brand names.

The subjects' reactions to brand names showed that the right-hand side of the brain is highly involved in processing the data. This side of the brain is mostly used to process emotions.

The report claims: “A brands power is such that it conjures up a range of associations and ideas which are primarily emotional.”

The emotionally-charged nature of the brand works both ways – brands that become recognised for negative behaviour will spark negative emotional associations.

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