has released a Mac-version of its Viewlet development tool, LeeLou.

The tool lets developers create dynamic, step-by-step mini-movies that can be used to show items, such as OS tips, online.

These online movies are ideally suited to illustrate help files and FAQ’s, according to the company. The idea is to make the instructions more interactive by showing a user how to perform a specific task.

The development tool is free. Once a Viewlet is created, lets any Web site download and post it for site visitors to use. The business model is based on an advertising revenue sharing scheme, income is split between Viewlet authors and Web sites hosting Viewlets. Examples are available at

Viewlets are movies that play in a Java browser on any operating system. They need no plug-in, and have negligible file-sizes. To create them you need the development tool, available from, OS 8 or 9, Apple’s Java Virtual Machine 2.2, 300 MHz G3 PowerMac and 96MB RAM. To play them you need any recent browser, a Power PC and 32MB RAM.