QuickTime 5 has reached Public Preview 2, but once again International-English (IE) Mac OS users are left waiting for the update.

When Apple launched Preview 2 of its multimedia standard, it took Preview 1 offline. This included the (at the time) recently-released International English version of the beta. IE Mac users have been denied the chance to continue to participate in the development of Apple's multimedia standard, as US-English software may cause system degradation on IE machines.

David Millar, Apple public relations manager, said: "It's not Apple's policy to comment on unreleased products. I can't give a definitive statement as to when QuickTime 5 will finally ship."

No word He could neither confirm nor deny if IE Mac OS users could look forward to an IE flavour of Preview 2.

On Apple's failure to deliver QuickTime 5 Public Preview 2 to IE Mac users, Millar said: "It's like this, engineering resources are limited in any company. It's about resources – particularly at the moment. Do we concentrate on beta software or on development of the Mac OS?"

When Preview 2 was released, an Apple spokesman suggested that an IE version would appear within a month – this has not transpired.

OS X focus Millar continued: "For us, the main priority is Mac OS X, which will launch on March 24." This will cost $129 in the US, but the UK price "has not been set", he said.

The current QuickTime beta includes a number of user-suggested enhancements, a Windows version has also been made available. Preview 2 also includes support for media skins. Extensive AppleScript support has also been added.

QuickTime 5's interface has been made sleeker, a Favourites feature has been added and Flash 4 and Cubic VR functions come as standard. The music synthesizer has also been improved. It offers MPEG-1 support, and an improved DV codec means faster rendering features.

Apple's IE Mac OS customers can visit the QuickTime Public Preview 2 Home page.