Apple has updated QuickTime for Java. The update provides a set of cross-platform APIs that let Java developers build multimedia, including streaming audio and video, into applications and applets.

The update includes support for using QuickTime 6.4 with either J2SE 1.4.1 or J2SE 1.3.1. The previous version of QTJava supported J2SE 1.4.1, but only on Windows.

In its accompanying literature, Apple says: "Because many features of QTJava are now available in standard Java, this refinement and simplification of the QTJava architecture was necessary.

"Everyone using QuickTime 6.4 should install the update in order to maintain application compatibility."

Support for 1.4.1 in QuickTime for Java is being delivered as part of QuickTime 6.4 on Windows and Mac OS X 10.3. Support for QTJava with J2SE 1.4.1 on Mac OS X 10.2 is available from software update.