Apple is offering an online seminar on Internet streaming and broadcasting on March 27 from 2pm (7pm UK time).

The seminar will be hosted by Apple's director of QuickTime product marketing Frank Casanova.

The will cover building video-broadcasting solutions, MPEG-4, and how to develop video on demand. Featured products will include: QuickTime Pro, QuickTime Streaming Server, QuickTime Broadcaster, Discreet Cleaner, Mac OS X Server, Xserve and Xserve RAID.

Topics covered include: how QuickTime technology was used to deliver "the largest Internet broadcast in history"; compression and delivery of movie trailers; Cleaner 6; streaming video on demand; and setting up live broadcasts.

The event is free, though pre-registration is required. To participate, users require QuickTime 6.0, Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher. Apple's own Web browser, Safari, is not listed in the system requirements for the Web cast.

Apple has a number of additional online seminars available, covering business, design, graphics and print, digital media, science and technology and the Internet.