In a major email move, Qualcomm has announced that it is to offer its popular email client, Eudora, for free.

Previously, Eudora came in two flavours - Light and Pro, which have been combined into one product, Eudora email.

Eudora email lets you choose between three operating modes: Sponsored, Paid or Light.

Sponsored mode gives access to Eudora Pro's features at no charge. The catch, is that a small advertising window is visible when you use Eudora. No advertising with sound or animation will be carried.

Light mode offers access to a limited number of features, but with no advertising.

Paid mode offers no advertising, is fully featured and costs $49.99.

A beta version of the new software is available now in limited numbers from the Eudora Web site. It is expected to ship in the US fully in the first quarter of 2000.