DTP industry giant Quark has unleashed a wave of solutions designed to add utility to its high-end Quark Digital Media System for publishers.

The company has introduced faster access to, and management of digital-media assets using the system with the release of QuarkDMS Storage Agent and QuarkDMS HSM Archive. The second product lets administrators manage stored assets, while the first speeds up access to existing assets.

Quark has also introduced QuarkDMS SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Integration Framework, a high-level programming interface that lets users connect the system to other applications, including Microsoft Excel and others. This implementation of SOAP lets QuarkDMS provide Web services – third party systems can log on to QuarkDMS to perform queries, retrieve information, check in and check out digital assets, and more.

Web manager QuarkDMS Web Site Manager adds the capacity to support "typical Web site creation workflows", the company claims. It does so by supporting use of the system as a media repository for all stages of Web-site design, from content creation and testing to final publication. It's capable of importing existing Web-site assets while retaining existing metadata.

The company also previewed QuarkDMS WebCopyDesk, its copyfitting solution for DMS. It lets writers use a Web browser to place and fit stories directly into QuarkXPress pages stored in QuarkDMS databases. This solution uses the same text-processing engine as QuarkXPress, so copy moves between staff and designers.

QuarkDMS Now adds contract rights management, though the solution is aimed at publishers, not content creators. In essence, QuarkDMS Now lets publishers associate rights to the digital content they govern.

Client The company has also introduced QuarkDMS Editorial Client and QuarkDMS Production Client, solutions that let users automate their unique editorial workflow practices, including production workflows for advertising content. These solutions allow users to rotate assets between workflow teams – checking images or copy editing, for example.

Also with an eye to workflow, Quark has introduced QuarkDMS Workflow Engine. This lets publishers design and execute workflow processes, track projects, and define custom graphical workflow templates to control how work flows between people throughout the enterprise. This solution includes prioritization, editing, scheduling and production-orientated tasks.

QuarkDMS is a customizable solution for publishers, pricing is by arrangement with Quark. The company also plans to relaunch its ServicePlus customer care program for these products.